Volunteer Editors

Volunteer Editors

Individuals not affiliated with an institution with archival holdings or who are retired may become volunteer editors.



The following qualifications for being a volunteer editor are required:

  • Education, training, or experience working on or with historical resources

  • Experience in critically evaluating historical resources and historical resource description

The following qualifications for being a volunteer editor are preferred:

  • Training and experience in the description of cultural heritage resources

  • Training and experience in authority control 


SNAC editors are responsible for editing in conformance to the following:

  • SNAC IP policies

SNAC IP Policies

The SNAC Cooperative (archival description) data are made available under a CC0 license (Creative Commons license with no use constraints). This policy aligns the Cooperative with the government and academic trend towards making information available for use without restrictions. By becoming a volunteer editor, you grant permission to the Cooperative to make all data contributed by you available under the CC0 license.

The Cooperative releases all software and programs developed as open source using GitHub.  Given that some of the software and programs are built on or employ open source software components not developed in the project, third-party open source software will be released according to its specific license. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer editor, contact snac.cooperative@gmail.com