Minimal and Optimal

Summary of core fields for personal name, family, and corporate body entities

DACS guidelines for levels of description were used throughout to help inform our decisions.

Minimum Required Fields
  • Entity Type: Choose one of three values: Person, Corporation or Family
    • Rationale: This speaks to the nature of the record and programatically determines which additional fields are displayed for the user to fill out. 
  • Name Entry: Use RDA rules for formulating the name.
    • Rationale: Even if only part of the name is known or used a name identity is necessary. 
  • Related Resource OR Citation: Minimum one archival resource.
    • Rationale: One of the system’s main functions is to connect users with research information and materials. 
    • Rationale: The record/user needs at least one substantiation of the described entity both to trust and value the record. 
Optimal Fields
All minimum-level fields plus the following (if applicable):
  • History:
    • Exist Dates: Use DACS rules for determining the dates.
    • BiogHist: Include one Citation for the BiogHist text.
    • Place: Minimum one location.
  • Demographics:
    • Occupation(s): SNAC interface allows browsing of occupations at this time.  
  • Relations:
    • Resource Relation: Minimum one resource relation link (either an archival collection or a related bibliographical resource)
    • CPF Relation: Minimum one internal CPF relation link
  • Corporate Description (for Corporate Bodies):
    • Function(s)

Rationale: Including these fields provides additional information about an entity and helps to differentiate it.