Where is the information in the records coming from?
SNAC gathers biographical and historical descriptions found in the historical resources (primary source documents) of cultural heritage institutions. Member institutions maintain the resource by continually adding and editing records according to the SNAC Cooperative Ethos.
How do I find a record?
You can search for a record by using the search box on the main page or by using the advanced search option, which can be accessed via the magnifying glass at the top of the page.
Begin by entering a name and the system will attempt to complete. If the name is not listed in the dropdown list, it may not exist in the research tool. You can filter by type (person, corporate body, family). As duplicate entries may exist for a person or group, we suggest exploring each record.
How do I suggest a change or addition to a record?
From the page or record click on the question mark in the lower right-hand corner. This will attach a screenshot of the page to your request.
I found something that interests me. How do I access the materials? 
SNAC does not own, store, or house any of the materials. To find out how you can access a particular item, contact the contributing institution directly. The contributing institution is provided in the resources tab. 
Do you answer reference questions?
We’re always happy to answer questions about how to use the SNAC tool or discover relevant material in our database, but we do not offer all of the reference services you might find in your local library.