Using SNAC for Research

History Research Tool

The History Research Tool (HRT) is an aggregate of biographical information about people, both individuals and groups, who created or are documented in historical resources. Users can search for names of individual people, organizations, and families; browse featured descriptions; and discover and locate connected historical resources. Search results can be filtered by occupation and subject.

The HRT foregrounds descriptions of the makers of history: persons, organizations, and families, and links these descriptions to the distributed historical resources that document their lives and work. The descriptions are biographical, and through interrelations with one another, reveal the social, professional, and intellectual networks within which the lives were lived. By linking the descriptions of the persons, organizations, and families to descriptions of archival holdings distributed around the world, the HRT provides researchers with a tool that conveniently integrates access to primary resources.

With over 3.7 million descriptions, the HRT has achieved sufficient scale to be both a useful reference source, and a means to locate millions of historical resources located in more than 4,000 repositories around the world.